Frequently Asked Questions and Disclaimer

How many digital collectibles will there be?

The Total Amount For BNB Chain Will Be 777 Collectibles: 767 Regular Collectibles And 10 Super Rare Golden Brave Gallos.​

Who are the founders of Brave Gallos?

A group of crazy people based in Mexico: Cristian, Daniel, Ulises and Alan. The team has been working full time on blockchain for 2 years and Alan has been involved in blockchain since 2016. You can find our LinkedIn on the landing page 😉

What is the price of the digital collectibles?

Whitelist is 0.1 BNB, the general mint is 0.2 BNB.

Why is Gallo (cock) taken as the main character?

Cockfight is an old and long tradition that started 6,000 years ago. Brave Gallos is looking to make a harmless experience preseverting the cultural heritage of the cockfight.

What happens if it is sold out?

We have prepared a way to thank our community for the high support. We would build a bag of prizes to deliver to the golden Gallos holders.

Does the Brave Gallos digital collection have some utility?

The holder of the digital collectibles will have benefits with the partner communities, they will have early access to the gambling games being launched.
Also, airdrops would be made to holders based on the amount of tokens collected in the game, if any.

777 is the max supply of NFTs?

Yes, on the BNB Chain there would be only 777. If Brave Gallos move to other chain, there can be a new set of NFTs in that chain.

How to get a whitelist spot?

The community of Brave Gallos is organizing activities to get a whitelist spot.
Meanwhile, you can submit the form to consider for an alternative spot of whitelist:

What games will Brave Gallos have?

The ecosystem starts with coin toss and gallo race (crash). Holders of the Brave Gallos will have early access.

How Brave Gallos ensure randomness?

We use oracles to ensure that results would be random on the games.

How Brave Gallos ensure randomness?

We use oracles to ensure that results would be random on the games.

Is Brave Gallos regulated?

The core team is building the legal structure to constitute a DAO. During the coming months the team will work on launching this.
Some aspects to consider is that gambling games can require a proper license to operate depending on the local regulation.


▸The Brave Gallos NFT collection is not an investment, security, share or equity interest, debt or loan nor a derivative instrument of any of the foregoing. Neither the Materials nor anything communicated or provided by Brave Gallos constitutes a prospectus or offering document, or is an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy Brave Gallos NFTs or any other asset.

We do not make any warranties or representations of any kind with regard to the Brave Gallos NFT collection and we expressly disclaim all warranties and representations relating, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement.

Brave Gallos NFT collection is provided on an «as is» and «as available» basis. There is no guarantee that Brave Gallos NFT collection will perform as expected or hold any particular value or price, as is just a digital collectible token from the Brave Gallos protocol.

Brave Gallos NFT collection may lose some or all of its value. We do not make any promises with respect to Brave Gallos NFT collection, its price, value, supply amount, performance, etc. We cannot and do not influence the price of Brave Gallos NFT collection or its performance, and assume no liability to any person for the Brave Gallos NFT collection, its performance, value or loss in value, the use or inability to use Brave Gallos NFT collection.

Brave Gallos NFT, its technology (blockchain) and any token related is an experimental technology and there is no security on its success.

No Gallos Were Harmed in the Making of This FAQ & Disclaimer